Life after the interview: This is the next role of Yehuda Nahari

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Hadas Sivan, Knitted News12.01.22 15:08 Y. Bishvat Tishpev

Life after the interview: This is the next role of Yehuda Nahari

(Photo: Or Danon, from Nahari’s Instagram)

The name of the actor Yehuda Nahari Familiar to most readers, as the person interviewed for the article in which he complained that he was sexually harassed by Asi Ezer ten years ago. But Nahari is an actor long before that, and we update that he got a new acting role.

Play in court

Nahari has been an actor for quite a few years, he studied theater at an acting school upon his release from the IDF. His most recognizable and familiar role was in the film “Terrible Days”, in which he played Yigal Amir. , “Dead for a Moment,” and “Our Song High School.”

In addition, he has acted in quite a few theater plays, so this is not his first acting role. According to the release of “Good Evening with Guy Pines”, the actor is expected to be photographed for a new series of Here 11 called “50 Days of Siege”. The series deals with the Yemeni hostages, and Nahari will play a lawyer in it.

The harassment complaint

As mentioned, Yehuda said in an interview with Walla that he was examined about ten years ago by Asi Ezer, in an attempt to get a role in the first season of “Being With Her.” According to the actor, Ezer sexually harassed him during the audition. Judah even underwent a polygraph test that confirmed his claim.

Asi Ezer and husband Albert (Photo: Or Geffen)

After the article was published, Asi Ezer denied that he did things without Nahari’s consent, and proved his innocence through a polygraph examination.

Who to time men

Nahari today announced on his Instagram account the launch of a campaign called Me (n) 2, to raise awareness of sexual harassment and abuse of power against men. “The time has come to give a stage to men who have been exposed to exploitation and lived in darkness, embarrassment and great fear of speaking,” the actor wrote.

“Keep writing to me,” Nahari encouraged his followers.

Yehuda Nahari said in response: “I thank Guy Pines and Keshet for the PR, at the same time I will emphasize that I was cast for this important series here 11 about a month and a half before the publication of the affair with Asi. It’s good that you finally decided to pargan. “

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