Life changed overnight.. Coffee shop manager who is the owner of Rs.33 crore!

Life changed overnight.. Coffee shop manager who is the owner of Rs.33 crore!

Only one bottle becomes super poor and rich only happens in movies. In reality, if you work all your life, you can see a few lakhs in your eyes. But here is the reality. A man has become the UAE’s first billionaire in 2023 with a single ticket. 34-year-old Russell Reyes from the Philippines works as a manager at a coffee shop in the United Arab Emirates. Until January 13, he was an ordinary coffee shop manager. On January 14 at 7.22 am he bought some lottery tickets online.

“I chose my birthday month- 6, my birth date-29, 34 – my age, 17- son’s birthday, 25 – sister’s birthday and mother’s birthday- 22. This was my first attempt. I didn’t expect the gift to fall. said Russell.

That night at 12.45 the news came that his lotteries had won. He bought 6 lotteries for just Rs.333 (UAE Dirham 15) and got a gift of Rs. 33 crore (UAE Dirham 15 million) was announced. Russell has become the first lottery millionaire of 2023 by winning the first lottery draw of 2023.

I was joking when I told this to my brother. He thought how to get the prize in the first attempt. The wife also did not believe this news. Rachel wondered for a long time whether this was real or a dream. But actually the prize money has arrived and has taken him to the peak of happiness.

He has been living in the United Arab Emirates for the last 15 years and has said that he plans to invest this amount and bring his family to the United Arab Emirates permanently.

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