Life sentence for North Korean student who watched Netflix web series; The death penalty for one

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A student has been sentenced to life in prison and several students to life in prison for a crime seen in a web series in North Korea.

North Korea is notorious for its harsh punishments. President Kim Jong Un has repeatedly test-fired nuclear weapons, despite strong opposition from the United States. He also said that he was ruling with a dictatorial attitude and that his family members had given him severe punishments for even minor crimes of high-ranking government officials.

In the current context, North Korea stands apart from the rest of the world. Strict laws are in force there. Entertainment, including cinema and entertainment, has been banned there. In this context, the government has caused a great deal of controversy by imposing the death penalty on those who smuggled the famous Netflix web series ‘Squid Game’ into Pen Drive into North Korea and the severe punishment, including life imprisonment, to school students who watched the web series.

Squid Game

‘Squid Game’, which was released on September 17, is the most hit series ever released on Netflix. The squid game, created by South Korean director Huang Dong Hook, has surpassed the English series Bridgeton (82 million views), the most hit series ever released on Netflix, and has risen to number one with 111 million views as the most popular series.

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Meanwhile, a North Korean man who returned to China has brought a copy of the Squid game series into his country through a pen drive. He has also been secretly copying and pasting the series on pen drives. A schoolboy who bought a pen drive from the Squid game series with him has seen the series with his close friend at school.

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The student shared the pen drive with some students as the friend praised the series as Aga Oko and expressed their desire for others to watch the series. The students saw the web series secretly and it came to the notice of the government through secret agents.

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The North Korean government is investigating. It has enacted a new law regarding North Korea. The United States has banned the import of videos from North Korea, including from South Korea. Violators can be sentenced to a maximum of death.

US Is North Korea's "Biggest Enemy", Says Kim Jong Un: Report

Kim Jong Un

The North Korean government has now announced action penalties under the law. Accordingly, the person who brought the banned web series into North Korea was sentenced to death and the school student who bought the pen drive containing the web series from that person was sentenced to life imprisonment. Six students who bought the pen drive of the student involved and watched the video series were each sentenced to five years in prison. The death sentence has been announced to be carried out by firing squad

The North Korean government has also fired the school’s headmaster and class teacher. This is said to be the first time in North Korea that students have been subjected to such severe punishment.

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