Light bulbs, new energy label for less impact on the environment and wallet

A new energy label for light bulbs for less impact on the environment and walletsor. After last spring, when the European Union introduced new and improved energy labels for four categories of household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronic displays) in all member countries, the new label for all lighting related products.

In order to make it clearer and easier to read, the new efficiency classes are limited to a scale from A to G. Product information has not only been made available on the packaging but also within a publicly accessible EU database, Eprel.

From 1 September they are also present data relating to the type of light of the source (warm white, neutral white, cool white), to dimmability (light intensity adjustment), average duration, but also color rendering and flicker (blinking). Consumers can access this information through the QR code on the new label, which will take them directly to the web-app. With this tool, it will be possible to compare information on operating costs or functional characteristics but also to search for the most efficient products.

To find out the consumption of household appliances involved in the label change and the savings that can be obtained by choosing products with greater efficiency, Altroconsumo provides an ad hoc calculator that allows you to understand your levels of domestic consumption and get more info on how the new system works. Further information is available on the website which offers guidelines and tools for consumers, sellers and all other interested parties.

Belt is a Horizon 2020 project led by Altroconsumo in collaboration with several European partners and has the following three main objectives: facilitate the transition period to the new energy label informing and training all key stakeholders and market players; stimulate consumers to choose better performing products from the energy point of view; stimulate producers to research and further improve their products, thus stimulating innovation and investment.

The new label is expected on the packaging of lighting products delivered to retailers after September 1, 2021. Products that have already been delivered to retailers before 1 September 2021 can still be sold under the old label, in order to avoid the need to produce new packaging or re-label products that will soon be out of stock. In online stores the new label must be displayed for all products within a period of 14 days starting September 1st.


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