Lightning strikes Cuban oil depot and fires

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One dead in deadly fire at Havana-Cuba oil depot 121 injured people have been hospitalized.

The city of Madanzas, South American country of Cuba, received heavy rain yesterday night with thunder. At that time, a fire broke out in the oil warehouse there due to a lightning strike. Firefighters came after getting the information and started extinguishing the fire. 121 people on duty were rescued with injuries and admitted to hospital.

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A charred body was recovered. His identity is not known. Meanwhile, 17 soldiers who were engaged in fire fighting are missing. It seems that they went inside the warehouse while busy putting out the fire and got trapped. More than 800 people who lived in the nearby areas were evacuated from there. The work of extinguishing the fire by spraying water from the helicopter continued yesterday. Countries including the United States have provided technical assistance to extinguish the fire.

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