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EThere are situations in life that require all of a person’s inner calm and discipline, which are so nerve-wracking and grueling, so oppressive that you need the patience of a piece of paper to cope with them. These situations put every path in the nervous costume to the test. Years later we still remember them and ask ourselves: How did I do it? In these situations there is nothing else to do than: Wait. You probably guessed it: It’s a quarter to eight on a Monday evening, I’m on an ICE, and Instagram is down. I’m calling a friend and colleague to tell her about my day. She presses around “Grade is bad”. In the background I hear her friend ask: “Do we want to open the Ahrwein?” We hang up. I look out the window, pick up my phone and open Instagram. Not possible, that’s right.

The evening reminds me a little of the time when I logged out of Twitter for a few weeks and set parental controls on Instagram. After 15 minutes of fun a day, my cell phone said: Your Instagram limit has been reached for today. When I told my colleagues about it in the Sunday newspaper, cheers broke out: “Write a text about your waiver, Johanna !!” – “Isn’t that a bit worn out?” – “Not with you!” I should, I thought, myself probably worry if my colleagues find it so extraordinary that I no longer hang out in digital worlds for many hours every day.

I write text messages like a teenager back then

And that’s usually what I like to do pretty much: you wonder why Kim Kardashian looks the way she looks? I can tell you which plastic surgery according to some California experts she had because I follow various beauty docs explaining celebrity faces. Want to know which lipstick line Rihanna has just released? I know that too, of course. But to do justice to the whole thing: I also follow many news accounts that process information, accounts of activists and politicians, my feed is almost as mixed as life (please do not compare forrest-gump-chocolate boxes at this point!) Somewhere I read that the Facebook / Instagram employees no longer even come into their offices. “Not just you!” I think dramatically and mechanically open Instagram for the hundredth time to look at a profile that has not been loaded for the hundredth time. My last WhatsApp message doesn’t arrive either. I write a text message like I did when I was a teenager.

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On Twitter, the journalist elite make silly jokes about the instalockdown. At this moment, for reasons inexplicable to me, I am following many intellectuals, and of course they all make fun of themselves, according to the motto: read a book! How can you suffer from an Instagram lockdown? Yes, you ride the ICE and you forgot your train book, you smart ones !, I think rather angry. Of course I could also read the newspaper or the news, but I did that all day for work and therefore didn’t feel like it. At some point I find myself starting again with the candy crush version, which is actually too difficult for me.


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