Likud filed a police complaint against 12 news reporter Yossi Mizrahi

Likud filed a police complaint against 12 news reporter Yossi Mizrahi

The Likud movement filed a complaint with the police this morning (Thursday) against News 12 reporter Yossi Mizrahi, following a post he published on Twitter against the Netanyahu family. A tweet on the Likud’s official Twitter account reads: “The Likud filed a police complaint against Yossi Mizrahi from News 12 after he published explicit threats against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family.”

After the siege of the barbershop by thousands of protesters: hundreds of policemen rescued Sara Netanyahu from the State Square watch

In the post in question, Mizrahi wrote: “That’s it, it’s over. The staged respect is gone, the barrier of fear is broken and there’s no going back from here. The family will live in a siege of popular protest until it breaks and leaves. This tweet proves that he doesn’t understand that the poison machine is no longer working. No Bibiist will take to the streets for the shades of Sarah and the protesters, they are no longer afraid.”

As you may recall, last night thousands of protesters gathered outside the barber shop in Madinah Square in Tel Aviv, where the Prime Minister’s wife was seen, chanting, among other things, “Shame” and “The lady is giving us a haircut.” At the end of more than four hours, she was rescued by a force of hundreds of policemen, security guards from the “Magan” unit, MGB fighters and special units from the hair salon in Madinah Square.

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