Likud officials admit: We did not understand what we were handing over to Abi Maoz

The negotiations to form a government: Officials in Likud admit in closed conversations that a mistake was made in that it was agreed to transfer to Avi Maoz the unit for external programs in the Ministry of Education – this is what we published this evening (Friday) in Olaf Shishi. According to the same sources, Likud thought that this was a small and insignificant unit in the Ministry of Education, and did not understand that this was the core of educational activities.

The unit that will be chaired by Noam, who is to receive the position of Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, deals with all the content that goes beyond the usual subjects such as mathematics, geography or English. The unit is responsible for programs amounting to approximately 2 billion shekels, which deal with education for values. Likud admits that they They simply did not understand that they were giving the stronghold the keys to the core of the education system – and now it is impossible to go back on the agreement.

Maoz and Netanyahu

The statements we heard this week from Maoz also raised the anger of Netanyahu, and even of officials in Torah Judaism and religious Zionism. The same sources claimed to Netanyahu that Moaz “paints us all” with the colors of trying to force lifestyles on others.

Journalist Amir Ivgi published in Ulan Shishi that Likud calls the agreement with Avi Maoz a “double catastrophe” – both because of Chairman Noam’s attitude towards the LGBT community, and also because it is a failure of the Likud in managing the negotiations. Likud, which considers itself a right-wing party – Liberally, they say: “Homophobia is not our tradition, nor that of our voters.”

Huldai warns: “Israel is turning into a theocracy”

Against the background of the announcements by the local authorities that they will not cooperate with Chairman Noam’s unit, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai clarified that this is not a rebellion. “There is a phenomenon here that goes beyond that which turns the State of Israel from a democracy to a theocracy,” he warned. “Members of the Likud , do you want Avi Maoz to educate your children about Jewish identity?”.

Huldai explained that just as the ultra-orthodox and state-religious education system has responsibility for the content that is delivered to students in classes – so should state education. “It cannot be that the borders will be breached and that the state education system will have haredals who will run it. We say so far, we will not introduce religious associations into state schools,” Huldai announced. “I will introduce a Jewish identity program based on our values.”

“Netanyahu is making all these noises to incite attention to all the laws that will save him from the threat of judgment, that they will pass quietly,” the mayor of Tel Aviv attacked the prime minister-designate. He later reiterated: “Certainly Tel Aviv is part of the State of Israel. There are ultra-Orthodox who teach their children according to their values, there are religious people who teach their children according to their values, then so are we. You cannot force the opinion of the majority on the minority.”

“In all fascist countries, the leaders were elected by the people. In Iran, there are elections, so is this country democratic?” Huldai added. “That’s the problem in the State of Israel, that they don’t go into the matter itself and understand what democracy is. In a democracy, there are individual rights that no one can take away from them.”


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