Lilavati donates kidney to MGR passes away: OBS-EPS, DTV Dinakaran mourns | Her nephew Leelavathi who donated a kidney to MGR has passed away AIADMK TTV mourn

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She is the nephew of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR Lilavati Died in Chennai today. To him AIADMK Expressed condolences.

When MGR was treated at a Brooklyn hospital in the United States in 1984, Lilavati gave him a kidney of his own and was responsible for MGR’s rehabilitation.

Daughter of MGR’s elder brother MG Chakrabarty Lilavati He was admitted to the hospital due to poor health. He died at 2 am today without any treatment. Lilavati’s death has caused deep anguish among many and MGR believers.

Regarding the demise of Lilavati AIADMK Expressed condolences.

AIADMK Co-ordinator O. Panneerselvam and Co-Coordinator Edappadi K. Palanisamy jointly issued a statement of condolence:

” MGR’s older brother MG Chakrabarty Daughter Lilavati We were devastated and saddened to hear that my mother had been admitted to the hospital due to ill health and had died without any treatment.

When MGR fell ill in 1984 and was treated at a Brooklyn hospital in the United States, he was given his kidney and given the MGR to live on. Lilavati The hearts of all of MGR’s millions of loving volunteers who have lived with a kidney on this planet for 37 years and know that today is a natural disaster are in great pain.

We pray to Almighty God to give strength and courage to the family and relatives of the deceased Lilavati to bear this grief and to rest in the shadow of Lord Thiruvadi, the soul of Anna. “


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