LILT’s commitment to create the first tobacco-free generation –

LILT’s commitment to create the first tobacco-free generation –

2023-05-26 15:30:22

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A new research on smoking in Lombardy on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day 2023 and a renewed commitment against smoking with the help of the youngest

There is no more time to waste: the first smoke-free generation must come true. Because quitting smoking, or not starting at all, is an achievement for everyone and for the planet. For the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer, World No Tobacco Day has always been an opportunity to take stock of the habit of smoking and to relaunch its unreserved fight against smoking, starting from an assumption: the tobacco pandemic is the first preventable cause of death.

Francesco Schittulli, national president of LILT: «World No Tobacco Day is one of the cornerstones of LILT’s annual cancer prevention program and is an opportunity to become aware of the evolution of tobacco consumption, especially among young people, and particularly among girls. The research on smoking data presented today shows us a cross-section of the choices and habits of smokers in the Lombardy Region, proving to be a useful tool for better calibrating future initiatives to combat this phenomenon. And it is precisely starting from this precious contribution that we have decided to carry out a survey that should cover the whole national territory, with the aim of strengthening the close collaboration with the institutions in the path towards the first smoke-free generation”-

«Although the fight against smoking has always been one of the main missions of the LILT and of the European Union itself, the current scenario, made more complex by the introduction of electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco and the recent puff bars, presents us with new challenges» adds the LILT president who says: «If initially, in fact, these new devices presented themselves on the market as substitutes for the cigarette, now they are instead establishing themselves as elective choices, mainly dictated by the fashion of the moment. A fact that demonstrates how much awareness of the risks associated with these new ways of smoking is still partial. The task of the LILT, in parallel with the support of the initiatives proposed by the institutions, such as the courageously positive one of the Minister Schillaci to extend the smoking bans, is to continue to promote health education, through information and awareness courses dedicated in particular to schools. It is essential to sow prevention messages that take root in the hearts of young people, also in light of the importance that the latter can have in encouraging a smoke-free lifestyle within the family for a longer and better quality of life. Another fact that emerged from the research that I believe should be paid attention to is that 70% of smokers who have attempted to quit at least once. An important percentage, which leads us to another challenge: that of being able to intercept and accompany with adequate support all the people who demonstrate the will to quit».

May 26, 2023 (change May 26, 2023 | 3:30 pm)

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