Limor Livnat against Shasha-Biton: “Behaving like the chairman of the Teachers Union”

Also, the former minister addressed the issue of changing the days of vacation, and the Finance Ministry’s proposal to synchronize the days of the school vacation with the economy by moving 5 days of school: 3 days of Esro Hag, Lag Ba’Omer, and the Fast of Esther to Fridays. Canceling 5 days of the Passover vacation in exchange for a 3-day bridge Between Kippur and Sukkot and two vacation days for the teachers to choose.

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“This is another kind of exchange of days. This is to adjust a small part of the teachers’ vacation days to the parents’ working days. This is a demand that is not unreasonable, and its outright rejection is completely unreasonable. This is an acceptable demand, the threats and the rejection of the teachers’ organizations Not suitable,” she claimed.


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