Lino Banfi turns 85, married for 59 and boyfriend for 10 more: love for his wife beyond illness

July 9, 2021 – 07:00

Lucia Zagaria and the Apulian comedian have loved each other since they were kids, their marriage between happy moments and difficulties

of Arianna Ascione

“And what if one day I don’t recognize you anymore?” “It will mean that we will introduce ourselves again.” Here is love according to Lino Banfi, married for 59 years to his beloved Lucia. The Apulian comedian – che on July 9th he celebrates his 85th birthday, and in these days he has been elected as the symbolic mascot of the European football championships remembering his legendary football coach Oronzo Canà – in recent years he is facing a difficult reality: his wife in fact was struck by a degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, and the he actor (who does not like the use of the term Alzheimer, because “it sounds like a stab in the heart”) still fails to accept it today. «I cannot accept that my wife is not well at a time when I would have only wanted to enjoy life next to her – he said interviewed by Mara Venier on Domenica In – Never a trip abroad or a cruise. Now that we may not move because of his illness. ”

July 9, 2021 | 07:00



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