Lint’s college of aldermen decides on new construction in Nieuwstraat, neighborhood finds project too big (Lint)

The old plumbing company can make room for 21 apartments and 4 houses. © Filip Spoelders


The Council of Aldermen of Lint will consider granting an environmental permit for a project in Nieuwstraat next week. The neighborhood does not immediately see the arrival of 21 apartments.

Filip Spoelders

The new-build project will be on the corner of Nieuwstraat and Brantstraat. At the bottom of the bridge towards Kontich-Kazerne there is now an abandoned commercial building. “The building used to house a plumbing company. The soil is heavily polluted and will be cleaned up during the development of the new-build project,” says mayor Rudy Verhoeven (N-VA), who is also responsible for spatial planning.

The project developer drew up a plan for 21 apartments and four single-family homes. “Despite the fact that nothing has been decided yet, we are in favor of the plan. It is a residential area. The abandoned building will have to make way for high-quality buildings, which is a good thing for Lint.”


The residents in the Nieuwstraat are less delighted. The pamphlets and black ribbons in the street make it clear that they would rather see a smaller project develop. They filed about fifty objections during the public inquiry. “The neighborhood obviously has no objection to the contaminated site being cleaned up and something being done with the dilapidated empty buildings. But the megalomaniac character does not fit in with the rural Lint and certainly not at this location”, the residents say.

Due to the future building height of up to three and four storeys, they fear for their privacy. The traffic at the bottom of the bridge can also become dangerous according to the neighbourhood.


The mayor has entered into discussions with the neighborhood and the project developer. “I had a good conversation with the project developer. They certainly want to listen to the neighborhood and I am happy to mediate.”

The neighbors live in hope. “The mayor has indeed informed us about his conversation with the project developer. Hopefully a compromise can be reached. The fact that the project can fall back to two to three storeys would already be a big step.”

The residents of Nieuwstraat now have to wait and see what decision the council of aldermen will make.

The pamphlets in the Nieuwstraat are clear. © RR


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