Lionel MESSI told a detail that will excite Dibu Martínez

Lionel MESSI told a detail that will excite Dibu Martínez

After being world champion with the Argentine National Team, Lionel Messi spoke with street dogs and left all kinds of titles. From the nocturnal call in the preview of the final to Antonela Roccuzzo to the epic tattoo that is going to be done in the coming weeks.

La Pulga also told details of how his children lived that unforgettable month and stated that “they even know the ‘Dibu’ little step”. Of course, referring to the historical gestures of the goalkeeper of the National Team in the different penalties that he had to star in during the competition.

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“It was an incredible month for me and my family. Thiago was crazy. To see how he enjoyed it, how he felt it, how he suffered… because after the game with the Netherlands he cried. Or Mateo doing the math after the game we lost against Arabia, ”he continued.

And he closed: “Ciro is the one who understands the least, but the other two lived it as fans. Suffering, living it to the fullest, enjoying it. Even when we returned to Paris we missed the days in Qatar. We had a great time.”

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The best phrases of Lionel Messi with Andy Kusnetzoff:

  • “From that day on, everything changed for me. I looked for it all my life and it happened at the end of the race
  • “Everything I imagined would be small after what I experienced. What I imagined was not little, it was something big, but in the end it was much more”.
  • “I know that there are many people from other countries who wanted me to be world champion. It was something incredible, inexplicable. Fortunately it happened”
  • “We talked with Anto before going to sleep. Without touching the game, without anything special. We continue to do the routine every day before the games. We repeat the same. He was very calm, he slept very well. He was very relaxed. He was doing everything to make it happen. I did not have the anxiety that the game arrives. I knew how to handle it very well.”
  • There were times when I suffered a lot with the National Team. Lost finals, had received a lot of criticism of all colors. My family suffered just like me. I suffered a lot inside. Very unfair things were said towards me. It was closing the circle, we won the Copa América and the World Cup”.
  • “I have a very nice relationship with the cook, with the cook. I’ve been there since I was 18 years old and they before me. I’ve known him for a long time. They also suffer and live it just like us.
  • “It was crazy, the happiness of the people, big people, boys, of all ages. The happiness they had was inexplicable.”
  • “I always thank God. I knew he was going to give me a World Cup, I don’t know, I felt it”
  • “In the penalties I asked God, Cachete (Montiel) to put it in. I asked everyone to stop.”
  • “I never saw the final again. I watched videos, but never the entire game.”
  • “The Cup called me. He told me ‘Come grab me’ ”
  • “The Topo Gigio came out at the moment. I did not think. My teammates told me about what Van Gaal had said to sting me”
  • “I didn’t like ‘Andá pallá’. It was not thought at all, I do not like to leave that image “
  • “The return to Argentina was extraordinary. When we got off at Ezeiza it was full of people and it was hard for us to get there. I could barely sleep for two hours and I got up. When I turned on the TV I saw the Obelisk full and I realized that everything was going to be crazy”.
  • “People behaved in the best way. There were 5 million people, everything was crazy, but luckily nothing happened.”

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