Lisa & Lena are brand ambassadors for NEOH – auction signed skateboards – a heart for children

They took the internet by storm – teen stars Lisa and Lena.

The twins Lisa and Lena are successful influencers who took off primarily on TikTok (reach TikTok 13.6 million and on Instagram 16.2 million). Whether modeling, acting or dancing, the two are now considered all-round talents. And they are very active and skate a lot.

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NEOH: Snacking without a guilty conscience!Photo: PR

But that’s not all: the sisters share everything – including their enthusiasm for better snacking with NEOH. The twins love the taste of NEOH.

What’s so special?

Thanks to its sugar substitute formula made from the chicory root, NEOH enables calorie-conscious people to snack without a guilty conscience. NEOH is exactly the right power bar for connoisseurs who lead a conscious and active life, but do not want to completely do without sweet indulgence.

According to the motto “The new snack”, NEOH wants to revolutionize the confectionery shelf with its sugar substitute formula. NEOH is one of the world’s lowest calorie chocolate bars and is available in stores in chocolate, raspberry and coconut flavors.

In addition to these three NEOH power bars, you can now buy new sugar-free products on the website: Hazelnut Crunch Waffles, Chocolate Bites and soon the vegan NEOH bar in the Caramel Nuts flavor.

Ersteigern Sie jeweils ein signiertes SkateboardPhoto: PR

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You can bid for one signed skateboard each timePhoto: PR

As part of the eBay charity auction in favor of “Ein Herz für Kinder”, we have a great offer for you. Acquire two skateboards signed by the social media stars and NEOH brand ambassadors Lisa and Lena.

Do not miss this special opportunity on eBay and get the great fan souvenirs. On top of that there is a package with delicious NEOH products.

This way to the auction:

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