List of online tools to study better

List of online tools to study better

With the rise of online education and the need to adapt to an ever-evolving educational environment, digital tools have become an invaluable resource for students of all ages.

Whether you’re looking to improve your productivity, organize your tasks, or improve your study skills, there are plenty of tools online that can help you achieve your goals academics. In this post, we will explore some of the best tools online that can improve your academic performance and help you achieve success in your studies.

Tools online useful if you are a student

There are many online tools that can help improve academic performance, depending on the type of skills you want to develop. Here are some of the most popular options:

time management apps

Without a doubt, study time management is one of the weakest legs of students

In this sense, applications such as Pomodoro Timer they are very useful and versatile to apply the Pomodoro method. If you are more of listening to music, [email protected] It will serve you to listen to music and sounds directly focused on increasing the productivity and concentration of users. It is very interesting since it uses psychoacoustic techniques to create a selection of music according to you.

There are also other task management applications like Trellowhich helps you to know the status of your tasks (especially interesting if you like the Kanban method).

Finally, one of the most peculiar applications to motivate you day by day is Forest. It turns out that through your mobile phone you can “plant” seeds while you activate the app. In this way, if you manage to stay focused on your work, the seed will grow as a “reward” for your good behavior.

Note-taking tools

Here you will find the classics like Evernote, OneNote, Google Keep o OneJotter. They are useful for organizing your thoughts and taking notes efficiently while you are in class or while browsing through an activity.

In this way, you can keep a record of your ideas and readings so you don’t lose anything.

Apps to learn languages

Duolingo is one of the most famous in this sector, although you can also find others such as Chat o Rosetta Stone.

They have an award system focused on improving your comprehension and skills in a foreign language, which can be useful for your studies or future careers and postgraduate courses.

Tools online to solve math problems

Are you one of those who get stuck in math? Apps like Wolfram Alpha, Symbolab o Matthew they will help you out with those more difficult mathematical and statistical problems by not only giving you an answer, but also giving you an explanation of the reason for that solution.

apps improve academic performance

Platforms for online tutors

If you want a private teacher for a certain subject, you have platforms like Superprof o Tusclasesparticulareswhere you can find all kinds of face-to-face or online teachers to help you with those subjects that get you stuck the most.

Likewise, platforms like Chegg, TutorMe o Wyzant they allow you to connect with other professionals on a variety of subjects, from math to writing to training test preparation.

reading and writing tools

“But I already know how to read and write”, you may be thinking.

Yes but no. In the academic world, the ability to read comprehension and to write professional texts with academic and formal jargon is a skill that requires precision and practice.

Using tools like this to your advantage will help you from taking notes in class to writing essays and research. In fact, they will substantially improve your communication skills, which will be very useful for presenting your final project.

As an example, the application Grammarly helps you improve grammar, spelling and writing style. others like Hemingway They help you reduce repetitions or redundant ideas (elements where we usually sin when we write long texts).

Finally, Readable qualifies the readability of a text and its complexity, in such a way that it evaluates if it is an easy text to understand.

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