Listen to TV, boom for “Makari” (28.08%). Gruber flies at 8.46%. Well Maggioni

Listen to TV, boom for the first episode of “Makari” (28.08%)

In evening of Monday 15 March, the first episode of the fiction “Makari” on Rai 1 won the ratings, which kept 6,744,000 spectators connected, equal to 28.08% & share. Then follows on Canale 5 the debut of Ilary Blasi’s Isola dei Famosi which has a 21.68% share, with 3,602,000 spectators. “Quarta Repubblica” by Nicola Porro on Rete 4 instead totaled 940,000 spectators with a 4.91% share.

Listen to TV, Lilli Gruber above 8%. Amadeus flies to 19.5%

In access prime time on Rai 1, ‘I soliti ignoti – The return’ of Amadeus records 5 million 433 thousand spectators equal to 19.5% share, while on Rai 3, ‘Un posto al sole’ achieves 1 million 834 thousand spectators with the 6, 6% share. On Canale 5 Striscia la Notizia records an average of 5,040,000 spectators with a share of 18.07%. Su Rete4 Tonight Italy by Barbara Palombelli gathered 1,546,000 listeners (5.63%), in the first part, and 1,284,000 spectators (4.55%), in the second. On La7 Otto e Mezzo by Lilli Gruber collects 2,370,000 spectators with 8.46% share.

Listen to TV, first L’Eredità with 24.4% share

In early evening ‘L’Eredità – the challenge of the seven’ totaled 3 million 765 thousand spectators with a 20.4% share and to follow ‘L’Eredità’ ‘recorded 5 million 531 thousand viewers (24.4% share). Also good for Paolo Bonolis’s “Avanti unaltra” which saw 4,214,000 spectators, totaling 19.17% share.

You listen to TV, Monica Maggioni and Chiambretti well in the late evening

In second evening good “Seven stories” by Monica Maggioni on Rai1, which gets 1 million 515 thousand spectators (13.2% share). On Rai2 the first episode of “Have you ever noticed?” with Maurizio Battista it scores 431,000 spectators with 3.03% share. While Su Italia1 Tiki Taka- La Repubblica del Balloon is seen by 485,000 spectators with a 7.18% share.

Listen to TV, Tg1 over 6 million

Among the news, Tg1 of 20 wins, with over 6 million viewers with a 25% share. This was followed by Tg3 at 19 with 3 million 15 thousand spectators (14.4%), which rose to 3 million and 779 thousand (15.9% share) for local editions by TgR. Tg2 at 13 closes, with 2 million 380 thousand spectators and a 14.9% share.


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