Listen to TV, “One step from heaven” (22.6%) beats Checco Zalone (12.38%)

In evening of Thursday 8 April “Un passo dal cielo 6” broadcast on Rai 1, gains a 22.6% share with 5,294,000 viewers, winning first place. Following on from Checco Zalone’s “Cado dalle clouds”, on the other hand, 2,996,000 viewers like it and has a 12.38% share. While in third place it is head to head between Rai 3 with “A just cause” which gets 1,467,000 viewers and 5.82% share and Tv8 with the Europa League Ajax-Roma match which records 1,485,000 viewers and the 5.58% share.

Listen to TV, head to head between Paolo del Debbio (5.78%) and Corrado Formigli (5.57%)

In prime time programs, Paolo del Debbio’s “Dritto e Rovescio” wins 5.78% share with 1,110,000 viewers, while Corrado Formigli’s “Piazza Pulita” on La7 pleases 1,068,000 viewers with a 5.57% share. On Italia 1 “Trespass” gets 5.16% share with 1.353.000 viewers, on Rai2 “Anni 20” wins 453.000 viewers with 1.78% share. Finally on the Nine “What happened to the Morgans?” 289,000 viewers like it with a 1.18% share.

Listen to TV, “Come on another” (21.14%) beat “Legacy” (15.49%)

In access prime time the first place goes to “Soliti Ignoti – Il Return” with 5,335,000 viewers and a 19.3% share, while Canale 5’s “Striscia la Notizie” obtained 4,267,000 viewers and 15.45%. Canale 5 dominates with “Avanti unaltra”, seen by 4,129,000 viewers equal to 21.14% share, while Rai1 with “L’Eredità – The best of” totaled 3,191,000 viewers and 15.49% share . Overall, the Rai networks won prime time, with 9,565,000 viewers and a 35.3% share, and the whole day with 35.23% and 3,773,000 viewers. The second evening went to Mediaset channels thanks to 3,920,000 viewers and a 32.38% share.

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