Listen to TV, Sister Angela closes with a flourish. Gruber up, Palombelli on top

LISTEN TO TV: God help us wins with over 6 million. Obverse and Reverse beats A clean sweep

‘God help us 6’ closes with a flourish and sweeps the ratings of yesterday’s prime time. The Rai1 fiction with Elena Sofia Ricci in the role of Sister Angela obtained 6,401,000 viewers and a 24.41% share in the first episode, and 5,881,000 and 30.03% in the second. On Canale 5 the film ‘Wonder Woman’ totaled 1,850,000 viewers and 9.27% ​​share, while Italia 1 with the film ‘Caribbean Holidays’ it involved 1,315,000 viewers and 5.25%. Just off the podium Retequattro with ‘Forehand and Backhand’ seen by 1,196,000 viewers equal to 6.24% followed by La7 which with ‘A clean sweep’ it won 1,154,000 viewers and a 6.11% share. On Tv8 the match of Europa League Roma-Shakhtar Donetsk’ recorded 1,182,000 viewers and a 4.5% share, while the latest episode of ‘He is worse than me’ was seen by 1,049,000 viewers, equal to 4.33%. On Rai2 the debut of ’20s’ obtained 394,000 viewers and a 1.6% share while Nove with ‘Wife Change’ it entertained 391,000 viewers with 1.51% in the new episode, and 303,000 with 1.68% in the rerun.

LISTEN TO TV: Gruber up to 8.2%. Dizzying decline for Palombelli

Wins Access Prime Time on Rai1 Usual Unknowns a quota 5,551,000 (20.1%). On Channel 5 Strip the News entertains 4,146,000 (15%). On La7 Half past eight it involved 2,244,000 viewers (8.2%). On Rete4 Italy tonight 1,331,000 (5%) in the first part and 1,079,000 (3.9%) in the second. On Rai2 Tg2 Post 1,114,000 (4%). His Italy1 CSI Miami 1,343,000 (4.9%) Su Rai3 What Next? 1.584.000 (5,9%) e A Place in the Sun 1,938,000 (7%). On the Nove Deal With It Stay In The Game 584.000 (2,1%).


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