Listens to TV: Fourth Grade flies to 7.5%. Zoro hits the 6th and Crozza in reply …

Listen to TV, Canzone Segreta beats the reruns of Paolo Bonolis

Secret Song wins prime time TV ratings on Friday 26 March 2021: Rai1 wins 3,977,000 spectators equal to 17.4% share. On Canale5, in reply, Hello Darwin 8 – Wastelands 2,719,000 spectators like it with a 14.4% share.

Listen to TV, Le Iene Show one step away from 8%. Live propaganda makes 6%

The fight for the podium sees a near parity. Three programs almost on the same level. On Rete4 Fourth Degree reaches 1,465,000 spectators (7.5%). About Italia1 Le Iene Show he convinces 1,439,000 spectators equal to 7.9% (presentation to 1,413,000 and 5.1%). On Rai2 The Good Doctor scores 1,455,000 spectators (5.3%), then The Resident drops to 1,104,000 spectators (5%).

On La7 Propaganda Live di Zoro reaches 1,119,000 spectators with 6%. On the Nove the reply of Brothers of Crozza takes 854,000 viewers with 3.3%

Listens to TV, Title V closes at 2.2%

Su Rai3 Title V closes with 488,000 spectators with 2.2% (presentation at 610,000 and 2.2%). On Tv8 T2 Trainspotting scores 245,000 spectators (1%).

Listen to TV, Lilli Gruber flies to 8.7% while Palombelli makes 4.7%

In access prime time Rete4 Tonight Italy by Barbara Palombelli obtains 1,271,000 listening individuals (4.7%) in the first part and 1,206,000 (4.3%) in the second part. On La7 Otto e Mezzo by Lilli Gruber scores 2,401,000 spectators (8.7%). More detached on Rai2 Tg2 Post with 1,087,000 spectators (3.9%). The band is won by Rai1 ei Soliti Ignoti – The Return which reach 5,312,000 spectators equal to 19.2%, beaten Channel 5 with Strip the News which marks 4,611,000 spectators with 16.7%. Well On Rai3 Via dei Matti n ° 0: 1.462.000 spectators (5.5%).

Listen to TV, TG1 disconnects TG5. Enrico Mentana is close to 6%

Among the news, the Tg1 of Giuseppe Carboni at 20 with 6,304,000 (24.6%). Detached the Tg5 of Clemente Mimun with 5,006,000 (19.3%). Enrico Mentana exceeds 6%: iI Tg La7 it is followed by 1,535,000 (5.9%). The Tg2 of Gennaro Sangiuliano ago 1,679,000 (6.2%). Stable on Tg3 of 19 with 2,753,000 (14%)


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