Lithuania, a Russian jet interrupts President Nauseda’s conference with Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez –

A joint press conference of Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda he was born in Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez held this morning in the Lithuanian air base of Siauliai was suddenly interrupted due to the presence in the country’s airspace of at least an unidentified Russian aircraft. The newspaper reports it The country, citing sources from the Spanish government. As he spoke, Nauseda was surrounded by some soldiers who invited the two leaders to leave the hangar. The press conference resumed about 25 minutes later.

A video posted by The country shows some officers approaching Nauseda while the president is speaking, causing him to leave together with the Spanish premier. Meantime some technicians approach a Spanish Eurofighter located behind the two leaders. Government sources told the Spanish newspaper that there was a real alarm and that the Eurofighter was taken off urgently to communicate with the unidentified Russian plane and point out to his pilot that he had violated the airspace of the Baltic Republic.

Sanchez was at the Lithuanian airbase to do visit to the Spanish soldiers stationed as part of a NATO mission. Our press conference was interrupted by a live example. As you can see, everything works perfectly here. I can confirm that the two jets took off in less than 15 minutes, President Nauseda explained to local media after the incident. Thanks to Pedro (Sanchez, ed), we have seen how the air surveillance mission works.

The three Baltic republics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – joined NATO in 2004 and they do not have jets supplied, explains theAssociated Press. For this reason, the members of the Atlantic Alliance are responsible for monitoring the airspace from the Siualiai base on a rotation basis every 4 months. We had a live example of what normally happens, ed what justifies the presence of Spanish troops with seven Eurofighters in Lithuania, confirmed the Spanish premier when the press conference resumed

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