LIVE : 2nd Day of Dussehra Festival in Kulasai Mutharamman Temple – Special Abhishekam for Goddess – Thanthi TV

  1. LIVE : Day 2 of Dussehra festival at Kulasai Mutharamman Temple – Special abhishekam to Goddess Thanthi TV
  2. Kulasekaranpattinam Dussehra festival Kolagala flag hoisting..devotees wearing costumes..surasamharam on 5th Oct. Oneindia Tamil
  3. Kulasai Mutharamman The world famous Kulasai Dussehra festival begins – Surasamharam on 5th Oct News18 Tamil Nadu
  4. World famous Kulasekharapatnam Dussehra festival begins with flag hoisting Daily Telegraph
  5. Dussehra Festival Begins at Famous Muttharaman Temple: Bhadkar Sami Darshanam | NewsJ NewsJ
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