Live brawl between two politicians who are guests of a talk show: after the offenses are dealt with, one of the two ends up unconscious – VIDEO

The hot climate in talk shows is known to the Italian television audience, the tones are raised and at times the situation can degenerate. In Moldavia however, the clash literally got out of hand on the broadcaster Tv Journal the comparison between lformer Deputy Interior Minister Ghennadiy Cosovan e Sergey Tofilat, former adviser to the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

It all happened during the talk show “OExpertise ” last July 20, Tofilat defined Cosovan “a waste “ with the latter having immediately reacted throwing a glass containing water to the colleague. From here the situation became unmanageable, after the offenses it came to blows: the former councilor hit the former deputy minister, throwing him down violently.

Cosavan he remained on the ground for a few moments unconscious, as can be seen from the video, although fortunately it did not suffer serious damage as confirmed by the doctors who reached the study in ambulance. In the following hours, the former deputy minister reassured everyone about his health, adding that he did not seek revenge and did not intend to undertake legal action against the colleague.

The attacker Tofilat apologized: “I’m sorry for the incident a Tv Journal. Was a situation in which I have not been able to control my emotions and I’m sorry for what happened. Violence is inadmissible, disputes are not resolved with these tools. I regret this incident“, Declared the Vice President of the Change Party. The Moldovan broadcaster has distanced himself from what happened, as stated on their website: “Our broadcaster warns that such behavior will no longer be tolerated and the guests of the show will have to accept that they can only use the power of discussion”.

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