live events every night

Concerts, book presentations, activities for children but also gastronomic proposals in the historic Roman district

The first edition of the ‘Festival Brin’, organized by the Cultural Association, the Incontro together with Cookstock and Amor di Pasta, is underway in the garden ‘Marcella and Maurizio Ferrara’ located in Piazza Brin in Rome.

It is one of the most beautiful and historically relevant squares in the Garbatella district. Live concerts every evening, book presentations, activities for children, but also gastronomic proposals thanks to the presence of 2 stands where you can taste typically Roman culinary delicacies and beyond. Festival Brin represents a new cultural proposal for the Garbatella district, known for its architectural beauty and for the spirit of hospitality and aggregation. Another important social purpose that is very dear to the organizers of the Festival is to give back to the neighborhood, and in particular to children, the park in all its splendor, always keeping it clean and accessible.


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