Liver disease: Khaleda Zia in critical condition

by time news

Dhaka: Former Bangladesh Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has been diagnosed with a serious liver ailment. She has been undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Dhaka since November 13 for cirrhosis of the liver.

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Doctors say Khaleda’s health is deteriorating and she needs to be taken abroad immediately for specialist treatment. The 76-year-old Khalidah had suffered internal bleeding three times in two weeks. Doctors treating Khaleda say that there is a possibility of recurrence of internal bleeding and that the current treatment cannot stop the bleeding. Doctors say they will have to take them to foreign countries to fix this.

But in 2018, the court barred Khalid from leaving the country after being sentenced to 10 years in prison on corruption charges. Relatives are hoping this can be avoided in case of an emergency.

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