Livestream Shopping – Twitter enters the trend!

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Micro-blogging site Twitter is soon to become a social media platform that combines shopping and livestream. The company also announced that it will launch its first shopping livestream on November 28 at 7PM ET (5:30 AM IST). Twitter has teamed up with Walmart to launch this shopping feature. Also the sale will take place at the end of Thanksgiving Week under the name “Cyber ​​Deals Sunday”. This is a cell traditionally held in many countries. Big offers are being offered everywhere during this day.

Twitter has announced that this first livestream show will be hosted by Jason Terrulo as a “30 Minute Variety Show”. It will feature “electronics, home appliances, clothing, seasonal decorations, surprise special guests and more,” the company said. Twitter has entered the shopping and livestream trending for the first time. Earlier, Meta announced that it was testing the “Live Shopping for Creators” feature for Facebook.

Similarly Pinterest has introduced a live shopping feature called “Pinterest TV”. YouTube has also expanded its live-shopping feature with a week-long shopping event called YouTube Holiday Stream and Shop. Livestream shopping has become a new trend for many technology companies. Mainly this live stream shopping has received a certain amount of reception in China.

Gen Z customers there are increasingly shifting from traditional e-commerce retailers to making purchases via social media. Twitter’s live shopping interface separates video livestream, online catalog and news feed of tweets, according to images shared by the company. If you follow the link to the seller’s website, the stream will continue to run in picture-in-picture mode.

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Twitter also said that these shopping elements will initially only come on iOS and desktop. On the other hand, Android users can watch the stream live. But cannot engage with shopping features. The company says the Twitter-Walmart stream, which will be released in November, is a “test”. The company said in a statement in The Virgin that it currently plans to host shopping livestreams only for brands and not for regular Twitter users.

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