“Living serenely is life insurance”

“Living serenely is life insurance”

We spend our lives looking for the satisfaction in what is outside, in things, places, moments, people, we need constant stimuli… More and more. But one day we realize that in those moments in which we find ourselves serene we also feel happy or at least we feel something similar to the happiness. The value of the calmthe value of the inner peace… In this episode of the podcast ‘Alphabet of well-being’, the journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea talk with Patri Psicóloga about the keys to her latest book, ‘Vivir con serenidad’ (Grijalbo) in which she provides 365 practices to advance on the path of the calm

Patricia Ramírez (@patri_psicologa) is also a psychologist, writer, lecturer and disseminator in different media.

She has a degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and a doctorate in the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment at the University of Granada. Her online clinic (she has her own team of psychologists) has a clear objective: to improve people’s lives.

She has just published ‘Vivir serenely’ but is the author of ten titles, including hits such as ‘Train for life’, ‘This is how you lead, this is how you compete’, ‘Count on yourself’, ‘If you went out to live’, ‘Optimism premieres ‘, ‘Educate with serenity’ and ‘We are strength’. She debuted in the theater with ‘Ten ways to kill your relationship’ and now she is on tour with the actor Rafa Blanca representing ‘Anxiety does not kill, but fatigue’ and ‘Ménage á trois’.

The journalists Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea, together with Patri Psicóloga during the recording of the podcast ‘Abecedario del Bienestar’ – Photo: Manuel Garre

Editing and assembly of the podcast: Manuel Garre.

Interviews and production: Laura Pintos and Raquel Alcolea.

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