Lockdown for unvaccinated people now fixed in all of Austria – politics

The Chancellor pulls the emergency brake and says the lockdown hammer. Nationwide curfews for unvaccinated people are to be decided on Sunday.

The lockdown for unvaccinated people is fixed and should be approved by the National Council on Sunday. This was announced by Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg on Friday at a press conference at the foot of the Tyrolean Patscherkofel.

Actually, the joint appearance of the Chancellor with Governor Günther Platter was about the blackout exercise taking place today, but this topic was suddenly pushed into the background by Schallenberg’s hammer announcement.

Uniform regulation throughout Austria

In front of the assembled reporters, the Federal Chancellor described that he had held crisis talks with governors of the Corona hotspots Upper Austria and Salzburg today. Salzburg VP boss Wilfried Haslauer had previously vehemently rejected a lockdown in his country, Thomas Stelzer (also VP) had already fixed it for Upper Austria from Monday.

Did he anticipate the covenant? At his appearance, Schallenberg emphasized once again that he was relying entirely on uniform national solutions and procedures. In the same breath he said that nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated people an.

Further tightening possible

“Would we like to do that? No. We would like to be in a different situation. I think it’s bitter that we are still stuck in the logic of wave-lockdown-wave-lockdown”, criticized Schallenberg and at the same time put the route in the window of the unvaccinated.

But there will be no lockdown for everyone: Two thirds of the population did everything right and he did not see that they would also be locked up out of solidarity with the unvaccinated. But: there could be further tightening.

“There will perhaps be further measures, also regionally”, continues Schallenberg. The focus of the discussion must now be how we can get out of this situation. The vaccination is the only exit ticket from the pandemic.

The livestream of the press conference to look up:

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