Logitech has introduced the MX Keys Mini

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Logitech has announced a new wireless keyboard – the MX Keys Mini. The cost of the gadget, available in white, black and pink colors, will be $ 100. The keyboard works both with computers based on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome, and with mobile devices on Android, iOS and iPadOS.

According to the manufacturer, it was possible to reduce the size of the accessory due to the abandonment of the additional digital keypad on the right side. The main keys are sized to match the keys on a full-size keyboard and allow you to work with greater comfort.

There are three function keys that enable you to enable text dictation, enable or disable your computer microphone, and start emoji input mode. MX Keys Mini has a built-in backlight that can be manually adjusted or set to automatic mode. The keyboard can last up to ten days without recharging, and up to five months with the backlight off.

The new accessory supports connection using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, and up to three different devices can be connected to the keyboard at the same time.


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