Logitech Lift Vertical – more convenient

Logitech Lift Vertical – more convenient

About two years after the ergonomic MX Vertical sat on our desk, it’s now time for the Logitech Lift, Logitech’s new mouse to come in this structure, which brings with it a solution to the problem of balance that the first model suffered.

This time it’s not an MX flagship mouse. It is smaller in size, but still closer to the dimensions of the MX Master 3 than to those of very small mice, and perhaps its positioning outside the MX series is more appropriate, since the MX Vertical did not really feel like it belonged to the flagship series when it arrived with a little more Programmable and unsupported buttons in Logitech’s Darkfield mechanism.

What the Logitech Lift Mouse offers

Like the MX Vertical, here too you will not find the Darkfield mechanism that allows use on a wider range of surfaces, such as glass for example. Instead, the mouse uses an optical sensor with a precision ranging from 400DPI to 4000DPI. It also supports Logitech Flow technology for use on up to 3 different computers, to which it can connect via Bluetooth or via the wireless Logi Bolt adapter hidden under the cover that hides the battery.

You will find it comes with six buttons, 4 of which can be customized using its dedicated software. This includes the standard pair of buttons (right and left), a scroll wheel with a customizable push button, another button below the scroll wheel and a pair of mouse-side buttons, which are used to switch pages (forward and backward), but are customizable as well.

This is how a mouse should be held

If you tend to sit in front of the computer for a long time during the day, it is very important to take care of yourself. Incorrect sitting, incorrect positioning of the screen in front of you and also the way you hold the mouse on the table can cause various injuries over time, and while Logitech’s MX series does a pretty good job in the ergonomic field, I also sometimes find myself with it. Pain in the wrist.

The Logitech Lift Vertical, like its predecessor the MX Vertical, comes in a vertical design with a 57-degree incline designed to reduce wrist pressure and muscle fatigue. This slight rotation of the hand in front of the way we hold a normal mouse makes a very big difference, which is also why in recent years we have started to see more and more mice with this structure.

Those who have not yet used this type of mouse will need some time to adjust, but I found that it was easier for me to make the transition to the Lift Mouse than to go back to the mouse that comes in a standard configuration after the review.

Performance and battery

Although it does not incorporate the Darkfield mechanism, the mouse’s optical mechanism is very precise, and using the software that comes with the mouse (+ Logi Options), a large amount of changes can also be made on demand.

You can program 4 of the buttons with the mouse to perform various operations, and the variety here is very wide, with some programs being able to make a specific adjustment for their use with the mouse, such as Photoshop, browser, Word document or video calls.

Logi Options software (Image: Logitech)
Logi Options software (Image: Logitech)

As mentioned, you can quickly switch between different computers with a button located at the bottom of the mouse, with the addition of the Flow feature, which allows full control of up to 3 computers at the level of copying information from one computer to another.

The main disadvantage I found in the MX Vertical model was its weight, or rather – its balance. The mouse tended to turn very much every time I reached out to it, and even after a long time of adjustment I could not avoid dropping it on its side.

The new model comes in a smaller structure, which prevents it from dropping each time anew. In the two months I have used it, the mouse has fallen a total of three times, one of them during the fall tests I did at the time of writing this review, in which case I was required to use quite a bit of force to bring it down.

The Logitech Lift is not rechargeable. This is a mouse based on a standard AA battery, with BlogTech stating that the battery will last you for two years. After two months of use (with a Bluetooth connection), the indicator still shows 100%, so I tend to believe the figure the company declares.

Logitech Lift (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)
Logitech Lift (Photo: Ronen Mendzicki)

Bottom line – what we thought of the Logitech Lift

At a price significantly lower than that set by Logitech at the launch of the previous model (MX Vertical), which cost about 540 NIS, the new Logitech Lift model brings with it all the benefits we saw in the previous model, along with a number of improvements, some colors Different and a version suitable for left-handers, and of course support for the many capabilities that Logitech offers through its software side.

It is very comfortable to hold, very precise, offers 4 programmable buttons and allows work on several computers and fast switching between them, and also extra long battery life without the need to recharge due to the use of a standard AA battery.

Price: 299 NIS >> Click here for more information and to purchase

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