Lokesh Kanagaraj Plans To Cast Actor Karthi And Suriya In Malayalam Movie Remake | Rolex – A Remake Story for Delhi; Lokesh Kanagaraj broke the secret

The success of Vikram has put Lokesh Kanagaraj on the big top. Many big actors are ready to film with him. Lokesh Kanagaraju is receiving calls from leading actors not only in Tamil but also in all languages ​​like Telugu and Hindi. Salman Khan refused to remake Master in Hindi. Lokesh said that he could not direct Master at that time as the work of Vikram was going on.

Now seeing the success of Vikram, Salman Khan once again called Lokesh Kanagaraj and praised him. Lokesh Kanagaraju has also received praise from Mohanlal, Mammootty, Ram Charan and Yash. There have been calls to direct the film. However, Lokesh Kanagaraj said that as he is busy with Thalapathy 67, he plans to focus on it for now. Although many opportunities have come, he has said that he will take advantage of all of them at the right time and make the film.

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He has expressed his desire to make a film with Rajini as the hero and Kamal Haasan as the villain, and Lokesh Kanagaraj has tried to remake Ayyappanum Koshiyum, which was released in Malayalam before the stories of Delhi and Rolex. Talks were held to cast actors Karthi and Suriya in it, and producer S.R. Prabhavidham also spoke. But as the Tamil rights were with someone else, Lokesh said that he abandoned the idea and said that the Iruukkai Mayavi story was always ready for Suriya.

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