Lokesh who acted as a child star in Jee Poomba, Marma Desam serials committed suicide! |Marma desam Serial Actor Lokesh passed away

Lokesh played the role of a young boy in the serial Marma Desam. He also acted in the ‘Zee Poomba’ series. A person who traveled with the dream of becoming a director committed suicide today.

Recently, we met him for the ‘Apo Ipo’ series that will be released on Vikatan website.

He happily shared the news with us that we all met and talked about old memories on the occasion of 25 years since the release of Marmadesam series.

‘Don’t leave black’ Lokesh

Lokesh has great esteem and respect for Marmadesam director Naga. He quit acting for a reason he said and learned all the behind-the-scenes work like direction and editing.

He shared with us that he is currently gearing up to direct a film and is looking for suitable locations.

This Mr. Radha said that he was his grandfather, and I regret that I was not there when he was alive… I could have seen him at least once.


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