LOL, second season: all the rumors about the cast and the possible release date

LOL – Who laughs is out is definitely the program of the moment. The Amazon Prime comedy show has achieved resounding success, so much so that it has led to the birth of many memes and discussions on social networks. There was obviously no lack of controversy. Some claim that LOL is piloted while others, like Aldo Grasso, missed the fun side of the program.

LOL – Who laughs is out: all the details on the show of the moment

LOL – Who laughs is out is a format inspired by the Japanese program HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental, which has already had its own version in Spain, Mexico, Australia and Germany. The show foresees that 10 comedians are locked inside a theater for 6 hours. During this time it is not possible to laugh or even hint at a smile, under penalty of a warning. The second yellow card is eliminated. The winner receives a prize of 100,000 euros to be donated to charity. The first edition was attended by:

  • Gianluca Fru and Ciro Priello of The Jackal
  • Katia Follesa
  • Elio di Elio and the Tense Stories
  • Frank Matano,
  • Angelo Pintus
  • Caterina Guzzanti
  • Lillo Petrolo of the duo Lillo and Greg
  • Luca Ravenna
  • Michela Giraud

The management was entrusted to Fedez and Mara Maionchi. The winner of the first edition was Ciro, who will donate the sum of the prize to Action Aid.

LOL, second season: the latest rumors

Given the success of the first edition, everyone expects Amazon to be preparing a second season of LOL with new competitors. In fact, many fans of the show asked the e-commerce giant directly for news on social networks. The company responding to some comments has not unbalanced but neither has denied the possibility of a second season of LOL. “We currently have no information on a possible second season,” they say from Amazon.

LOL, upcoming contestants: the possible names for the cast of the second season

At the moment it is therefore not possible to say who will be part of the possible second season of LOL but on Twitter the toto names are already going crazy, some less credible than others. Among the most particular proposals are Paolo Bonolis and Fiorello. There are also those who would like to see Fabio De Luigi, Valerio Lundini and real sacred monsters of comedy such as Nino Frassica, Corrado Guzzanti, Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo and Ale and Franz, already struggling with a program based on improvisations (Good first !). As for female comedy, we talk about Emanuela Fanelli, Paola Cortellesi, Virgina Raffaele, and Tosca d’Acquino. Twitter’s favorite, however, is undoubtedly Checco Zalone.

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