Lol – Who laughs is out 2, from Guzzanti to Fedez: interview with the cast | Video

It starts immediately with laughter “if there are no other questions I would go” says Mago Forest. For Virginia Raffaele: «I didn’t know who I would meet then unfortunately my nightmares took shape and body, little mind. While Corrado Guzzanti admits “very funny, I underestimated the physical fatigue, I forgot that I am a certain age, like someone who signs up for the New York marathon and faints after half a kilometer”. She was introduced at a web conference to the press, in the presence of the entire cast LOL-Who laughs is out 2 which debuts February 24 on Prime Video. Fedez is back once again judge, referee, program host, flanked this year by Frank Matano and the “wild card” Lillo, both veterans of the first edition won by Ciro. The Italian comedy show Amazon Original which, after the success of the first one, will see each other challenge with gags: Virginia Raffaele, Corrado Guzzanti, Diana Del Bufalo, Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Mago Forest, Alice Mangione, Gianmarco Pozzoli, Tess Masazza and Max Angioni. Whoever manages not to give in to laughter for all six hours will win the prize of 100,000 euros, which will be donated to a charity of his choice. But that is not all. In this second edition there will also be Lillo (in the role of Posaman), the lethal weapon of laughter: the popular comedian will be a special guest, a real ace in the hole, who can be involved in the game to put the competitors in difficulty. Fedez: «In the first season we knew what we were shooting, much less, this edition are all very active». Matano: «The game is fun but it is very tiring, laughing at them was much better». Lillo: «Entering laughing is a liberation, it is the main reason why I did it again, it is a real suffering, among other things, seeing myself again I realized that I had made absurd faces so as not to laugh». The second season of LOL: Who laughs is out is produced in Italy for Amazon Studios by Endemol Shine Italy and will be available from February 24th exclusively on Prime Video, in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. The first four episodes will be available in streaming immediately and the last two from March 3, with the grand finale. Di Biase: “Funny but difficult, a little laughter, a little pee, you come out shaken”.

February 15, 2022 – Updated February 16, 2022, 19:46

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