Lombardy, the Court of Auditors launches an investigation into Aria

Lombardy, the Court of Auditors launches an investigation into Aria

An investigation concerning the “Planning and management of the purchases of goods and services in the health sector” by the Court of Auditors is underway against the Lombard purchasing center, Aria Spa. To give notice of the subsequent control procedure in her report today – on the occasion of the inauguration of the judicial year – the president of the regional control section Maria Riolo. The contracting authority of the Region has brought together various entities that previously managed regional tenders, for example from July 2020 also Infrastructure Lombarde Spa. What the accounting magistrates are analyzing are the effects of this “concentration” of functions under a only hat, in terms of economic efficiency. The survey was approved on September 24, 2020, supplementing the resolution of February 20, 2020. “The Section resolved on the subsequent control over the management, the carrying out, as part of the verification of the use of the regional resources transferred to entities making up the regional system (Sireg) and with reference to the Societa ‘Aria Spa (Regional Agency for Innovation and Purchases) “, reads the president’s report. The investigation is “still underway”.


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