“The reasons for our success vaccines I’m capitalism e greed“. The prime minister Boris Johnson he lets out the secret of Britain’s massive vaccination program during a private meeting with members Tory its Zoom. Except then immediately retract by asking everyone to erase his latest from memory statements. Said and done, then I am “organization e speed”The winning words of the campaign that is breaking world records in terms of numbers, capillarity, e audacity. From 8 December to today beyond 28 million Britons, more than half of the adult population, was immunizzata with the first dose (and 2.3 million are the calls made) at a rate that has reached peaks of over 870mila inoculazioni per day. A machine hinged onNhs (National Health Service) the national health system, which goes on hard-nosed against variants, skepticisms and fight on the distribution of serums. But how do they do it?

Sourcing, Europe’s fastest UK – If who starts well is half the battle, the UK won the bid as the first country in the world to approve the covid-19 vaccine in an emergency in early December. Already in early January 2020, even before theWHO battezzasse it virus Covid-19, the scientists ofOxford University they had begun discussing the development of a vaccine that adapted the chimpanzee’s adenovirus vectors against the virus Sars-Cov-2. Five months after the Great Britain signed a contract for 100 million doses of the vaccine Oxford Astra-Zeneca, and an agreement signed to secure 30 million doses of Pfizer BioNTech, then increased to 40 million in October. Europe beat on time, “the production of the British batches started three months earlier and proved to be more effective”, confirmed Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca. The British government almost immediately invested 350 million pounds in the production of vaccines to speed up the campaign, and set up a task force for the acquisition and distribution of the sera, which ensured access to 457 million doses of the 8 most promising candidates including Modern (17 million doses), Novavax (60 million) e Valneva (100 million).

Army and volunteers for injections – Found i vaccines, in order not to burden the doctors and nurses of the hospitals, already under intense workload, the government Johnson introduced a new national protocol that allows doses to be administered even by non-medical personnel. Nhs started with a massive program of recruitment e training of 80 thousand adult volunteers, of all kinds and profession, using GoodSam App for online registration, and in partnership with other non-profit organizations such as St John Ambulance. In the vaccination mission, the Strength armed and the Navy britannica, both for logistics and for making injections.

Net priorities and nine categories of subjects – The preparation of the immunization order was entrusted to a specific medical scientific committee, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) that following the guidelines of theWorld Health Organization has structured a clear and precise calendar, starting from Senior citizens, vulnerable subjects and socio-health personnel, then going down by age groups. Bad listing they passed quickly, thanks to the risky (but apparently winning) move of the British government which widened the interval between the two recalls of 12 weeks to maximize i subjects immunizzati with the first dose, and minimize the time.

Where are vaccines made? Even in the pharmacy – Seven megs centers vaccination, 200 hospitals and 800 clinics of general practitioners. Immunization started from there and if that wasn’t enough they were added later theater, stadiums, places of worship including mosques and even the Cathedral of Salisbury, and the red double-decker buses. There are about 1500 vaccination sites in England, 1100 in Scotland, 295 in Wales and 328 in northern Ireland. According to the British government, every Englishman has a vaccination center within a radius of 16 kilometers and those living in rural areas are served by mobile units.

The UK drug regulator, Il Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has adjusted the law to allow the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to also take place in pharmacies. Thus, as of mid-January this year, over 200 chains such as Boots e Superdrug, and independent pharmacies that, after participating in the tender, have met the eligibility criteria including the presence of rooms to be used as a dining room vaccines, the space for fridge with a capacity of one thousand vaccines per week. In general pharmacies selected (who receive the equivalent of 15 euros for one injection and 30 euros for two from the government), must be able to provide the service quick e capillary even in areas where i vaccines they are most needed. Among the first to leave, the pharmacy Cullimore Edgeware employs a team of 100 volunteers who allow it to carry out up to 1200 vaccinations per week. The appointment, booked at the invitation of the NHS, lasts from 30 to 40 minutes in which the patient must first answer a questionnaire on their medical history and previous allergies, and then, once received the injection, can remain under observation for 15 minutes to avoid anaphylactic shock.

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