London-Dinamani glowing with colored lights

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Colored lights on the streets of London

With the influx of foreign tourists, traders are hoping that these colored lights will attract locals to shop.

This year on Regent Street in London, most of the colorful lights were lit at the same time as mounted on these twenty historic streets.

In the run-up to Christmas, it is customary to light lanterns on different streets on different days in the British capital London. But for the first time, all the streets are lit at the same time. The colored lights are organized by The Heart of London Business Alliance, a local business organization.

On Oxford Street, star-shaped colored lights were designed and illuminated. The windows of most large businesses are not decorated with colored lights. But there are signs of a festive mood to celebrate the festival.

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And with temperatures slowly dropping, Britain is heading for winter. It has become a wonderful time for people to go out and hop.


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