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See you at the European Championships, Simona brings gold. A mermaid with poison in her tail, as per the nickname (poison) chosen by mother Marzia after seeing her compete as a young girl, and as your mother knows you, on the other hand, no one. Simona Quadarella repeats itself by tearing the 1500s after the 800s (15’53”59, fourth seasonal time in the world) as a giant could swallow a peanut: with disarming ease, crossing in the opposite direction the rivals who still have to arrive, even if she just out of the water she explains: I looked at them too much, I got a little distracted, swimming alone is not easy. I am very happy to have confirmed myself, I almost want to cry. Almost. Even the eyes of Martina Caramignoli, that bronze behind the Russian Kirpichnikova after seven very long years.

Time to relax, melt your hair and muscles and Italy’s serial winner – a treble at the European Championships in Glasgow, another that would be sensational in the sights here in Budapest, missing the 400 that will be tomorrow but I want to take them as fun – ready to pick up the baton when Federica Pellegrini, after Tokyo, changes her life, has to go into the water in the 4×200. Here she passes the baton to the Divina who in the last stage swims by herself and brings home (together with Pirozzi and Gailli) bronze and Olympic qualification (Faith: I am super happy, I am maintaining a consistency of high performance).

On the podium the two queens, Simona and Federica, they put the medals around each other’s neck. Simo looks respectfully at Faith, but her idol as a child, the one who wanted to emulate and overcome, was another: his sister Erica, the true promise of father Carlo, a bank employee and good master swimmer, and mother Marzia, an English teacher (who greet her from the big screen): now Erica is doing her doctorate in Engineering in Saudi Arabia. the brain of the family, says Simo who now seems ready to stand up to any expectation: I’m afraid of making a mistake, not to not be up to it, I have already happened to disappoint but one phase and it goes on. You always talk to me about pressures, but I don’t feel them, protected as in her little swimming world, the Aniene, with the coach Christian Minotti and the ranista boyfriend Alessandro Fusco. I’m in the pool from 8 in the morning to eight in the evening, but it doesn’t weigh on me, the life I have chosen. Good for her because now everyone expects double treble: I promise nothing, but no one believes her anymore.

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He will tell his grandchildren about his silver in the 100 back Margherita Panziera: the final was repeated due to a malfunction of the start. Fourth for the first time, second in the bis race going down to 59”01. I don’t feel I deserve this medal very much. That of fairplay its for sure for.

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