Look to learn everything from Ronaldo; Interesting advice for the Al Nasr star

Look to learn everything from Ronaldo;  Interesting advice for the Al Nasr star

Al Nasser’s stock value and brand value have skyrocketed with Ronaldo’s arrival to the Saudi Pro League in the January transfer window. In addition, Al Nasser brought Ronaldo to their camp by paying a world record fee of 225 million euros per year.

Messi’s P.S. Ronaldo welcomed by scoring two goals against G.

Al Nasr forward Abdul Rahman Gharib has spoken about the advice he received when he got the chance to play with Ronaldo.

Abdul Rahman Gharib has opened up about the advice given to him by former Al Hilal midfielder Tariq El Tayyib.

The player who plays with Ronaldo in Al Nasser has scored two goals for Al Nasser along with Rono.
“You have enormous potential. Try to play with Ronaldo as much as possible. There is no need to rush to get a place in the Saudi national team.

Learn the skills and things from a great player like Ronaldo,’ El Tayyib told Abdel Rahman Gharib, according to Goal Arabic.

Gharib, who has played 14 matches for the Saudi national team, could not make it to the Saudi team for the Qatar World Cup.

Abdul Rahman Gharib is a player who has become a favorite among Al Nasr fans even though he did not get a chance in the national team.

At the same time, with a double goal in the Euro Qualifier match, Ronaldo was able to change his goal tally to 12 from the last 13 matches he played.

With this, Ronaldo was able to silence those who mocked him for his goal drought during his time at Manchester United.

Barcelona are currently top of Group J in the Euro qualifiers with two points from two matches.

Portugal’s next match is against Bosnia on June 18.

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