Looks like Sunny Leone? Gayatri Suresh with reply

Recently, Gayathri said that Pranav is interested in marrying Mohanlal.


Kochi, First Published Aug 18, 2022, 11:02 PM IST

JGayathri Suresh is an actress who came to the attention of Malayalam cinema with Kunchako Boban film Mnapyari. After that, Gayatri acted in many small and big films. The pictures and videos shared by the actor who is active on social media often get attention. Comments often come under social media posts saying that the star looks like Sunny Leone. Now Gayatri has come with an answer in this regard.

“I had a friend while participating in the Miss Kerala pageant. Her name was Shruti. She was the first to say that I looked like Sunny Leone. I felt the same way at the time. There is nothing to be afraid of. And this is not something I rejected”, said Gayatri Suresh. The actress’ response was in an interview given to a YouTube channel.

Along with the love of the audience, criticism often comes in search of Gayatri. Recently, Gayathri said that Pranav is interested in marrying Mohanlal. Some criticized it.

Meanwhile, Gayathri is gearing up for a film called Escape. The film is directed by Sarshik Roshan. Screenplay is also by Sarshik Roshan. Actors like Srividya Mullachery, Santhosh Keezhatoor, Arun Kumar and Vinod Kovoor are playing other important roles. The film is produced by SR Big Screen Entertainment. Gayatri is also appearing as a playback singer in the film. Gayathri has sung the song with Jassi Gift.

Gayathri Suresh : Gayathri Suresh is no longer a playback singer; On the first song ‘Escape’

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