‘Lord of the Rings’ Season 2 Completed Despite Strike

‘Lord of the Rings’ Season 2 Completed Despite Strike

2023-06-05 19:46:41

The series was filmed in economy mode.

Several members of the ambitious project took to their social media to announce the completion of filming for the second season of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. In the last days of filming, I had to work without the showrunners of the project. They joined the writers’ strike.

The main authors of the series, John D. Payne and Patrick McKay, foresaw the difficulties associated with the strike, so they prepared the film crew as much as possible for work without their presence on the set. But, despite the fact that all the material was filmed at the very least, work on the second season went on in conditions of economy.

In addition to all the titles that fans and critics awarded the first season of the series, the project was also called the most expensive in the history of the industry. The film rights to Tolkien’s works cost $250 million, and the production itself cost another $715 million. And even though twenty-five million people watched the first two episodes in just the first day, the producers decided to tighten their belts a bit.

If the first season was filmed in New Zealand, where director Peter Jackson also worked on his famous Tolkien trilogy, then they decided to move to the UK to continue the project, thus significantly reducing transportation costs. The active filming period for the second season lasted one hundred and fifty-nine days. But post-production will take much longer. It is the computer rendering of the image that “eats up” most of the budget. When working on the first season, they obviously did not save on this, as a result, almost every frame resembled a picturesque picture, and the prosperous world of Middle-earth impressed with its luxury.

In the second season, the main focus will move to the history of Middle-earth, and among the new characters will be Cirdan Shipbuilder – the oldest elf who is confident in the need to destroy the Ring of Omnipotence. Fans of the series hope that the visual part of the project will surprise them again, despite the desire of the producers to save the budget.

The film crew of The Lord of the Rings was very lucky with the completion of filming. The team managed to finalize during the strike, while the new seasons of the series Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Cunning, Hornets, Cobra Kai, Big Mouth, Abbott Elementary School were paused.

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