Loretta Goggi leaves social media for insults, the web rises in her defense

Too many insults, too much hate and so on Loretta Goggi surprises everyone and decides to leave social media. After participating in the ‘Seat Music Awards’, the soubrette could not withstand the violent impact of the comments of the many ‘serial haters’ circulating on the web, making the decision to say goodbye through a long message on Facebook, revealing that she had encountered “a wickedness, arrogance, indescribable gratuitousness “. But the ‘healthy part’ of the web is not there, and since yesterday there have been comments of all kinds in defense of the historic Italian soubrette and singer, who they are indignant towards the ‘haters’ and beg her to reconsider.

“The body shaming, the insults, the fierce and meaningless criticisms against Loretta Goggi make me disgusted and sad – writes a user – We had to come out better but we came out even more uncivilized, with no respect for anything or anyone. What a shame ! “. “Your favorite ‘singers’ lip-sync twice out of three, and no one has ever insulted anyone. Now if #LorettaGoggi does after more than 40 years of career, who is 70 years old and hasn’t played concerts for years, that’s not good and Do you have to insult her? But you are not really well “, observes another.

“Did I already mention that Loretta Goggi is a Lady? -Someone sinks- Those who criticize her should rinse their mouths because in Italy like Loretta there is none and perhaps there won’t be any more. True artist”. “More than fifty years of career of Italian television. Unfortunately, those behind a keyboard are mostly ignorant and frustrated people who should make peace with themselves”, eloquently closes another Internet user.


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