Lory Del Santo: “They tried to kill me when I was in prison. He put his hands on my neck, I was suffocating”

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The life of Lory Del Santo, now 63 years old, it was a succession of conflicting emotions. From the success in the 80s-90s to the great loves passing through two devastating griefs: first his son Conor (1991) and then another, Loren (2018). Among the hardest moments also the period in which, at the age of 19, he ended in prison of Regina Coeli for one drug-related affair. A short and shocking experience, which he wanted to tell on the pages of Diva and Donna: “It was a mistake, I had nothing to do with it ”, he began.

Then he continued: “It was absurd. I was innocent, I stayed inside for 10 days ”. Many were enough to mark it, especially because, in those hours within the walls of the Roman prison, he risked dying. “During the hour of air, an inmate held my hands hands to the neck to get my necklace. It fit me suffocating, he tried to kill me, I resisted and then I fled to my cell, ”she said. In the following days, Lory preferred to remain on the sidelines until her innocence was ascertained and she was finally able to return home.

Now the showgirl, often a guest of Barbara D’Urso, lives his life next to the young man boyfriend Marco Cucolo while with Devin, the son born from Lory’s short relationship with the entrepreneur Silvio Sardi, relations still seem to be cracked. During some interviews in Mediaset salons, Lory had in fact declared that she lived in one complex family situation and even the relations between Silvio and his son Devin do not seem to be idyllic.

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