Lose weight fast? The secret is a little sweetness at breakfast

To lose weight quickly, experts recommend eating 100 g of milk chocolate for breakfast. Cocoa in the morning reduces hunger throughout the day and cravings for sweets

For years, chocolate has been demonized when it comes to following a weight loss diet. In fact, cocoa has always been considered the worst enemy of those who want to lose weight but it could be an outdated legacy. This is stated by research from Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, the second largest hospital in Harvard Medical School. Eating a piece of milk chocolate in the morning, especially for those accustomed to a savory breakfast, can help reduce hunger throughout the day and lower blood sugar levels. The important thing is to consume it within an hour of waking up.

Lose weight with chocolate: the secret is to take it in the morning shortly after getting out of bed

For this research, which also involved researchers from the University of Murcia in Spain, some postmenopausal women were asked to take 100 grams of milk chocolate (equal to 30% of the usual daily caloric intake) one hour later. waking up while others do it an hour before going to bed. The remaining part of the sample was instead denied cocoa intake. From the analysis of the physical parameters it emerged that eating chocolate reduced the sense of hunger, the desire for sweets but above all the caloric intake of about 300 Kcal per day for the morning group and 150 Kcal for the evening one.

Women who better compensated for the addition of chocolate therefore gained less weight or lost more. Not only that, positive effects on the intestinal microbiota, body temperature and sleep rhythm were also detected.


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