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Munich – the Germans have 5.6 kilos, according to a new one Study by the Technical University of Munich increased on average during the corona pandemic. And how do you get rid of the corona pounds again? Without sweating in the gym every day and just eating salad …

BILD did the 21-day challenge: electric shock training (EMS). Diet stays the same. EMS training once a week, plus cardio twice (jogging for 20-30 minutes, for example).

Exercising with a personal trainer – and electric shocks: BILD has tested it

Photo: Theo Klein

How does it work?

EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) is a whole-body workout with a low electrical stimulation current. The entire muscular system is used at the same time. The training should be more intense, more effective and faster. “We reach the deep muscles with the training, in the gym often only the superficial muscles are trained. Therefore, EMS is also suitable for back pain and knee problems, ”says trainer Nina Feldschmied (24) to BILD.

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Step 1: Trainer Nina sprays the vest with water

Photo: Theo Klein

For training, BILD reporter Nelly Kühn slips into the special EMS vest that transmits the stimulation current and is then wired by the trainer. Let’s go: power on!

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Wired: Trainer Nina Feldschmied adjusts the amperage for the various parts of the body

Photo: Theo Klein

Depending on which parts of the body are to be trained, the trainer selects suitable exercises such as Basic Squat, Superhero Chest or Flying Warrior – all with your own weight. “That is really exhausting! With the poor in particular, I quickly reach my limit. If it doesn’t work anymore, Nina turns the power down immediately, ”says BILD reporter Nelly Kühn.

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The current pulse can be increased or decreased using the buttons below. “From training to training you notice that a few more levels are always possible,” says Nelly Kühn

Photo: Theo Klein

All body regions are used during training: arms, chest, upper / middle / lower back, bottom, stomach, legs. “I can decide for myself at any time how strong and which part vibrates. If I did a longer jogging lap the day before, this time I will do fewer legs and more arms and stomach, for example, ”says the BILD reporter.

According to Body Street, one workout (20 minutes) per week is enough to achieve your fitness goals. A body analysis is done every eight to twelve weeks.

EMS is supposed to burn fat, make muscles grow, increase strength, build up deep muscles, increase basal metabolic rate and energy consumption and ensure a better complexion and posture.

The awesome result

In just 21 days, BILD reporter Nelly Kühn lost 1.1 kilos of fat and built 800 grams of muscle!

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Body street trainer Nina corrects immediately if the exercise is not performed correctly

Photo: Theo Klein

You don’t have to bring anything, not even sports gear. The suit is ready in the studio, there is also a shower. “EMS is ideal for people who want to spend little time in sport and who want to achieve their goals in the long term. Muscle maintenance is particularly important in old age. Muscle mass naturally decreases from the age of 30, ”says the personal trainer.

15 years ago Emma and Matthias Lehner founded “Body Street” in Munich. Today there are around Studios Europe.

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At Body Street (there are more than 50 times in Munich) EMS training costs around 120 euros a month with an annual contract. Plus EUR 69.90 entry fee for body analysis, nutrition discussions and EMS card. Packages for eight weeks are also possible. A trial training session is available for 19.90 euros.



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