LOSE WHATSAPP ACCOUNT | Be careful what you write on your mobile: WhatsApp is closing user accounts for this reason

We all have the WhatsApp application installed on our devices. It has become essential to be in contact with our loved ones and it is almost impossible to do without it. However, not everyone knows that under certain circumstances, you can also delete your account and lose the ability to use it.

WhatsApp can be very intransigent with those who commit certain actions. Your account may be restricted if you send unwanted messages or spam. Or for those who download and use WhatsApp “clones”, for example, to activate two accounts on the same device. Although many people have this need, for personal or professional reasons, it is currently not allowed. However, there are several ways to solve this problem that are completely legal and without risk to the account.

In addition to these illicit practices, WhatsApp can also decide to block the account of people who engage in scraping. But what does this mean?

“Web scraping” is a computer technique to extract data from websites, programs or applications. Typically, this is done by bots that fetch, transform, and store data and metadata, and then analyze it. This data is then exploited for various purposes, both legal and illegal. There are many bots and professionals that collect and process data for legitimate purposes. For example, the data may be extracted for marketing purposes, to compare prices or to analyze sentiment on a certain topic.

But on the other hand, there are also bots operated by hackers and scammers who mine data for illegal purposes. This includes, for example, the publication of sensitive data for profit or control. Or the collection and processing of personal, sensitive and financial data without the consent of the owner. Therefore, those who take advantage of these practices may be violating various rights. These range from copyright infringement, violation of contractual conditions, to violation of privacy and confidentiality.

How does WhatsApp proceed in these circumstances?

On the official WhatsApp website, the consequences for those who commit these acts are clear. If you use scraping programs to find and save phone numbers, profile pictures, and statuses, you could be in danger. Some accounts can be suspended, even permanently. Therefore, keep in mind that WhatsApp can suspend, or even delete, the accounts of web scrapers. The advice, therefore, is to always use the application correctly and consciously, and to respect the WhatsApp conditions.


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