Lost in Thailand: Rumi Abergil asks for help in finding a job

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The transgender model who went through gender adjustment processes which she shared on social networksRomy Abergil, Recently left Israel and decided to find a permanent residence in Thailand. But it seems that “not all that glitters is gold”, because even though they say Thailand they imagine luxurious resorts, pampering massages and coconuts on blue sea beaches, but for Abergil it is important to clarify that the situation is different for her, because she cannot find a job and a source of income to finance her new life .

Abergil shared with her followers and wrote: “It’s really not paradise, I’m in love with Thailand but I need to find employment and I’m checking options.” When asked why she fled Israel, she replied: “In Israel I had no reality and no life, right now I’m looking for work and directions, I have nothing to do in Israel at all.” A country eats its inhabitants, and steals its citizens.’

Rumi Abergil (photo: Instagram screenshot)

She also appealed to her followers for help in finding a job: “I can do anything, if anyone knows I would appreciate suggestions.” She also shared why she doesn’t make a living from Instagram campaigns like her colleagues in the field do, she replied: “Because they don’t give me, they offer me, when you are not appreciated and belittled, there is no desire to create content, I probably didn’t surround myself with people who believe in me, and that’s fine with me I can do everything myself. And I will reach the big places and those who underestimate me have not seen anything.’

Romi Abergil (Photo: Or Gefen)Romi Abergil (Photo: Or Gefen)

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