‘Lost peace after first tattoo, even had to take HIV test’

‘Lost peace after first tattoo, even had to take HIV test’
Shikhar Dhawan | Photo: Instagram/ Shikhar Dhawan

KuIndian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan is going through the saddest period of his life. Dhawan separated from his wife Aisha Mukherjee a year ago. Dhawan had said in an interview that there was a mistake in marriage and no one should rush into marriage.

Now the Indian actor is opening his mind about another incident in his life that ‘lost his peace’. The actor shared the experience of getting a tattoo for the first time. Dhawan says he traveled to Manali at the age of 14 and got his first tattoo that day.

‘When I was 14-15 years old, we used to travel to Manali. There he secretly got tattooed on the back of his body without telling anyone. It was a picture of a scorpion. He hid the tattoo without showing it to his family for three to four months. But father found it. Got a good beating too.

Then I lost my peace. I started to think about how many people had used that tattoo needle before. After getting tested for HIV, peace was restored. The result was negative. More designs were later added to the first tattoo. And tattooed images of Shiva and Arjun.’-Dhawan says in an interview given to the national media Aaj Tak.


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