Lost Places: The forgotten places in Styria

Lost Places: The forgotten places in Styria

Even without a pandemic, there is no crowd in places like these: collapsing ruins, abandoned factory buildings and castles in which no people are at home, only ghosts at most. All these quirky sights are not in any ordinary travel guide.

There are almost 20 forgotten places that the journalist Georg Lux and the photographer Helmuth Weichselbraun have tracked down, sought out and explored. They now have their knowledge of these eerily beautiful places in the unconventional travel guide with the title “Lost Places in Styria” compiled, which was published by Styria Verlag.

A guide to adventurous excursions

What is special about this book is not just a regional restriction to a relatively small area in southern Austria. Rather, compared to the many other Lost Places books on site, it goes in depth – in two senses. With his texts, Georg Lux brings a lot of enlightenment to the many caves, tunnels and bunkers and traces their history in detail. The knowledge about each location goes far beyond Wikipedia entries and is based on intensive research.

The photographs by Helmuth Weichselbraun were also created specifically for this volume and their quality stands out pleasantly from other illustrated books on the subject. The proven duo of the “Kleine Zeitung” had already successfully produced the book “Verfallen & forgotten – Lost Places in the Alps-Adriatic Region” a few years ago.

On the following pages of the photo series we present some of the lost places in Styria.

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