Lottery receipts, the draw on Thursday 10 June 2021: the winning codes –

Here are the winning codes of the monthly draw:
No. 1014-0064 53SNS300808 11490017 of May 4, 2021 for € 158.5;
n 077-0010 53SNS303246 02090001 of May 26, 2021 of euro 92.37;
n 1984-0034 99MEY006518 of May 12, 2021 for euro 29.94;
n 0858-0064 2CITP000588 of 23 May 2021 for 83.04 euros;
n 0457-0035 96MK3018476 of May 29, 2021 of euro 130.22;
n 0760-0062 3BSDP000244 03130008 of May 24, 2021 of euro 312.78;
No. 1589-0041 99MEY011337 of May 18, 2021 for Euro 182.0;
n 0960-0038 53SNS301800 00200003 of May 8, 2021 for euro 13.99;
n 0744-0039 99MEX039116 of May 15, 2021 for euro 27.77;
n 0971-0115 53SNS300877 20190007 of 28 May 2021 for Euro 2.38;

The 80 winning codes of the first weekly draw:

Three wins of 100 thousand euros in Lombardy, two hits in Lazio

At the regional level, North and Center were still protagonists of the monthly lottery winnings of receipts. Three of the 10 € 100,000 prizes from the June competition ended up in Lombardy, precisely to Milano, Robbiate (LC) e Arosio (CO). Two wins in the province of Torino, in San Mauro Torinese and Orbassano. L’Emilia Romagna check with San Polo d’Enza (RE), while the Market they still celebrate with Pesaro. Stage in Tuscany with Pescia, in the province of Pistoia, while two awards went to Lazio, in Rome and Orte (VT).
Winnings have kissed 16 Regions. Overall, Lombardy scores eight hits, followed by Piedmont at 5 and by Tuscany, Lazio, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily at 3.
PIEDMONT – Bruino (TO), due to Collegno (TO), Chivasso (TO), Moncalieri (TO)
LOMBARDY – three in Milan, Gorgonzola (MI), Cormano (MI), Inveruno (MI), Mariano Comense (CO), Brescia
FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – San Giorgio della Richinvelda (PN)
LIGURIA – Genoa, Sanremo (IM)
EMILIA ROMAGNA – Cesena (FC), Forl (FC)
VENETO – Venice TUSCANY – Pisa, Siena, Carrara (MS)
MARCHE – Fermignano (PU)
LAZIO – Rome, Cerveteri (RM), Latina
ABRUZZO – Tortoreto (TE)
MOLISE – Campomarino (CB)
CAMPANIA – Casoria (NA)
APULIA – Casamassima (BA), Bari, Cellamare (BA)
CALABRIA – Catanzaro, Locri (RC), San Mauro Marchesato (KR)
SICILY – Palermo, Comiso (RG), Rometta (ME)
SARDINIA – Cagliari, Oristano


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